BLOOD DIAMOND [2006] review

January 28, 2007 · Print This Article

I have bought a diamond in my life.

…BLOOD DIAMOND is a powerful movie that made me ponder what costs the diamond I bought way back in 1992 might have really of cost. Long before seeing this movie, I knew that diamonds were connected to great violence. And even longer before that, I had taken one of the vows that Buddhist monks do, to not wear adornments. Thomas Merton brought to my attention the “fear of buying anything, for lack of knowing what injury it may have caused another.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou were both nominated for Academy Awards for their performances, and rightfully so, both are tour de forces showing range, subtlety and, when needed, ferocity. They are the best acting pair I’ve seen on screen in a long time. Hounsou is capable of releasing such raw emotion at times, I thought he was an unknown actor who really had tragedies as depicted in the movie done upon him. He looked vaguely familiar, and I’m glad I did not confirm he was a real actor. I would love to see an interview with him to find out where he pulled those emotions from, the primal outpouring in two scenes in particular just simply wowed me.

…The violence is horrific, and Edward Zwick’s camera does not flinch, so you may finding yourself having to. It is never gratuitous, but shows just what the consequences are, and that the perpetrators cannot be reasoned with. Yet he uses the Africa setting just a few times, wisely, to show that its inherent, elemental beauty is still intact, if only humans will let it be. … These two powers fight, and diamonds, the movie tells us, is the latest fuel for this war in a long line ranging from ivory, to rubber, to oil. Maybe you can use your life to save one family’s life there, but unless you have your own army, the movie is not showing any simple solutions, a nice directing touch. And something that entered my mind, which was no one is doing this to them besides themselves, they are killing their own people, was addressed by Hounsou’s character, a man of deep faith in Africa still.

…If one didn’t already know the price of conflict diamonds before seeing this movie and was a former diamond purchaser, then they certainly know now, and how can they possibly ever buy another one?


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