Thursdays = LOST

May 24, 2007 · Print This Article

People in the real world may watch LOST on Wednesday nights, but for me, LOST is synonymous with Thursday nights. Due to living in Tokyo and being some 13 to 14 hours ahead of U.S. east coast time, it just works out that way. And this has become, as with all things important to me, ritualized. LOST is ingrained into Thursday nights for me. Though I can’t remember clearly, I presume starting with the pilot some 3 years ago almost, I watched LOST around 11:15pm on Thursday night. In the second season especially, the Thursday night ritual was at its strongest. At times I even did other great things earlier on Thursday nights, then came home triumphantly knowing LOST was already safely on the Powerbook’s hard drive waiting to be viewed upon my return.

The glory of those such Thursday nights is no longer possible, but still, I feel radically different when I know LOST is waiting for me after work on a Thursday. No matter how hard I may be on the show, each and every week I still look forward to it as the highlight of my week (nowadays), and settle in, connecting the Powerbook to the grand AQUOS, and prepare to be engrossed for the next 43 minutes. The whole second part of season 3 has been viewed on the AQUOS, and this has added greatly to the LOST viewing experience.

So as I now prepare this Thursday afternoon to watch the season 3 finale later tonight, I feel great expectation, and sadness. My Thursdays will not be the same for a very, very long time, possibly as long as 9 months!

I am preparing for watching this episode as though it were my last.



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