Random afternoon ride to Ebisu station

September 2, 2007 · Print This Article

Distance: 11.55 miles

Time in motion: 51 minutes 56 seconds

Average speed: 13.3 mph

Max speed: 31.3 mph (a new record)

I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to go out for a ride, but I didn’t want to sit in my apartment all day either. So I mounted my Trek 7.3 FX and set out thinking I would just ride far down Meji Dori. That plan quickly changed en route to go back and do the Yamate Dori ride I had done a few weeks before. Well, I turned off Koshu Kaido too soon and wound up riding through Yamate Dori. I was going to turn right around get on Yamate Dori as planned, but as I glanced over my shoulder I noticed another cyclist moving fast behind me, so being possessed of a certain amount of pride, I kept on pushing down the street I was on determined not to get overtaken.

In doing so I came across a small oban procession. Even with this delay the other rider was far behind as I then saw that he was on a mountain bike. The road was taking me past Yoyogi-Uehara station and after that it didn’t look too pleasant and having established my lead, I then turned around and rolled onto the intended Yamate Dori. From there I took a slightly different route back which brought me all the way to Ebisu station for the first time, but as always ended up on Meiji Dori taking me past Shibuya station en route back to Shinjuku. I’ve got to find another street as Meiji Dori is too cramped and the pavement sucks as there is construction everywhere on the street itself.

Coincidentally, I had the exact same average speed (13.3mph) the last time I rode on Yamate Dori! This time I also set a new max speed record. It was set while powering on a straightaway after coming down a small descent and was kind of done on purpose.


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