JUNO [2007] review

February 25, 2008 · Print This Article

I wasn’t on board JUNO until about the half-way point in the movie, but then I was all on board. What did it was the end of just a flow of dialogue that will quickly become dated, and the start of a different direction in the teen pregnancy genre. Like Juno herself, I felt shocked and confused and had no idea what was going to happen next or how it would all play out from that point. Even until the very end, I didn’t know what was really happening and continued to be surprised.

…The movie starts off with the usual quirky film staples of quirky characters living in modest conditions doing strange things, like moving a whole living room onto a front lawn. I didn’t like the tone of the first parts of the film. Didn’t buy any of it. A convenience store clerk who can belt out one hipster jokey line after another?

…But the story is about Juno and her learning of what love is. The audience and Juno don’t know she is on a path that could lead to it. She is just trying to….solve her pregnancy in the most practical manner she can. In the beginning, I didn’t see where the conflict would come from, where the story was. But once that was revealed, the movie seemed to gain a strong and distinct drive, very noticeable. I became invested in Juno’s fate and felt her urgency and was wanting to see more and more. That’s how you know the movie has created good characters, when you don’t want the film to end. When you want to keep spending more time with the characters. I wanted more time with Juno.


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