Pigeon and Blimp on my Tokyo Balcony [video]

July 31, 2008 · Print This Article

I was sitting at my desk when I notice a blimp not so slowly blimping on by.  I hopped up and grabbed my Xacti HD700 and quickly shot some footage of the blimp before it passed too close to the sun and then out of sight.  

To my surprise while I was filming the blimp, a pair of pigeons flew right in front of me (but below camera) with one of them landing right on my neighbor’s balcony.  This gave me a bit of a start, but fortunately held firm onto the Xacti the whole time (I don’t use a wrist tether).  So I took the pigeon’s close landing to mean she/he was ready for her/his closeup!  I obliged and put this video up for anyone needing to cast a very photogenic pigeon for their next shoot!


made on mac


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