Skimboarding 2008 – Session #05 – Hiratsuka

August 5, 2008 · Print This Article

Aya looks for a good wave . . .

 I was stoked as usual for this past Saturday’s skimboarding session, but the waves were just not there for any kind of even modest session.  Walking to the beach I saw a few skimboarders leaving and from afar could see a few still down on the beach.  I quickly realized why there was almost no one out there, though, despite the beautiful day—the strong wind was just making all the waves way too sloppy.

Still, I didn’t want to have gone all the way out there for nothing, so I grinded out a few semi-ok rides before turning my board over to Aya for her to continue to practice the quick-on technique she first learned last week.  

Then we were joined by UK Mike and a friend.  His friend tried skimboarding a bit, but the conditions were hard even for a 21-year vet like me, so not the easiest way to learn!  UK Mike himself dropped in for several fearless rides showing that the keys to skimboarding are speed and no-fear!  He had one nice ride getting up and over a wave.

In between all this I put in one other session where I started to find a line for getting some somewhat decent rides.  I ended it with a nice frontside floater and carve.  I got pretty high up on the wave, which always feels cool to do.  

This is Hiratsuka Jason making something from nothing Jason walking back after another grinding ride
Jason shakes off a wipeout Jason looks hard for a decent wave. Aya and another skimboarding looking for the next wave
Aya gliding in. Jason in the Ocean alone  


3 Responses to “Skimboarding 2008 – Session #05 – Hiratsuka”

  1. aya
    on August 6th, 2008 11:18 AM

    That day was really hard to catch a wave and wet sand….I was such a coward to fall down….cuz it’s so painful.
    I need more speed and power!! like you and Mike.
    Mike is much much much better than me!!!!!!!
    When you said ‘go! now!’,he didn’t hesitate at all! wow!!
    I’ll try more agrresive next time……Ganbaru!!


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I think you are brave Aya to try the “quick on” technique!

    Speed and power will come soon. Remember, my skimboard is way too big and heavy for you. Once you get your own smaller and lighter board, you’ll be able to run faster and skim with more power!


  2. on August 6th, 2008 6:48 PM

    Thanks Jason and Aya both for commenting positively on my boarding. I don’t know what the deal was that day- I just suddenly decided to go for it.

    I think I maybe have the basics down now, or at least I understand the dynamics of how to get on and stay on the board. But I still have little understanding of how to time, hit, and ride a wave.

    I’ll cut a video of my out-takes- which will basically be me falling, flying, and flipping off the board a whole bunch of times.


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