First Fall 2008 Cycling

September 25, 2008 · Print This Article

  • Distance: 15.81 miles
  • Time in motion: 59 minutes 44 seconds
  • Average speed: 15.9 mph
  • Max speed: 28.8 mph
  • Distance: 9.39 miles
  • Time in motion: 30 minutes 59 seconds
  • Average speed: 18.2 mph
It always feels good to get back in the saddle, and this time was no different, except this time I didn’t feel so good once getting back in the saddle!  I swear it seems every time I go cycling on a week night, I end up eating green Thai curry before the ride, which takes me forever to digest.  I’ve thrown up such undigested curry twice in the past, and although I felt a hint of nausea this time, I managed my pace so as to keep all food down.

This was my first cycling of autumn, and I noticed the temperature difference immediately.  There was a hint of a chill in the air.  However, I wore my usual summer cycling attire–yellow short-sleeve jersey and thigh length biking shorts.  And I still sweated a helluva lot despite the cooler temps.

I had the fastest drop-in yet to the Imperial Palace loop.  The whole first half of the first lap was completely traffic free.  This gave me ideas of setting an overall new speed record.  But, by the time I got to the first backside climb and got out of the saddle to power up it, I got a hint that my legs weren’t going to have anything to do with setting a new record this time, and my unsettled stomach confirmed it.

The second lap was really slow hampered by 3 or 4 significant red light slowdowns.  Still, I didn’t want to just throw in the towel and barreled down the huge descent on the 3rd lap and powered down the half-way straightaways.  I couldn’t manage anymore than 5 or 6 cranks out of the saddle on the 2nd-lap ascent, and the 3rd-lap ascent was no different, but even though I dropped down to 3-4 gearing, I kept my legs churning all the time and ended up with a better time than my earlier September ride, which made me feel good.

I see now just how much I have to do to get back in shape!


4 Responses to “First Fall 2008 Cycling”

  1. on September 25th, 2008 4:43 AM

    A heavy load in your stomach makes a big difference. I assume this is a bike and/or pedestrian path? Are there a lot of others out on the path at night?


    Jason Collin Reply:

    The Imperial Palace loops I always ride are right on the street. There is a wide sidewalk around the entire loop as well, but I’d never be able to get the speed on it that I can on the street. Around 11pm at night, around the whole 5km loop, I’d say there are about 20 to 30 people only.

    I’ll be moving to California in the first half of next year, so if you hear of any good jobs, let me know!


  2. on September 25th, 2008 10:34 PM

    When are you gonna learn not to eat curry right before a big ride?!

    Sounds good you’reback on the bike though- for me it’s been over a month easily since the last Imperial Palace circuit. I need to get back on it- especially as now I don’t even play frisbee- so no real aerobic exercise going on at all. Crazy.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I know, it always seems like curry before riding!

    I want to ride the palace twice a week…very quickly I too went from a lot of exercise each week to very, very little.

    Need two people I think too to push for new time records.


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