LOST 5×07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham — SPOILERS

February 27, 2009 · Print This Article

This was the most self-contained episode of LOST we’ve had since THE CONSTANT aired last season.  It was also a most unusual episode, while at the same time somewhat following the old flashback formula, though employed with another oft used technique of foreshadowing.  It’s no spoiler either to say this is a Locke-centric episode.  




I had heard from the Can that this episode was “bizarre,” and I’d have to say that it’s a fitting description, but I also feel it was quite a matter of fact episode.  The more that I think about it I think how much was this episode even really necessary and was it not actually just entirely filler and nothing we really needed to know?  The only plot that got moved forward was knowing that Locke and the others did get back on the island and Locke conveniently was brought back to life.

I guess it was a revelation about how Locke died and that Widmore was the faction that found Locke in the desert first, but nominal ones at best I’d say.


  • Locke’s very calm demeanor and warm smiles throughout the episode
  • Widmore seemingly holding out the olive branch
  • Widmore and Locke conversation about how long and short it’s been for them since their last meeting
  • Walt being able to be a solid, normal kid
  • Hurley’s reaction to realizing Locke really was physically there
  • Kate continuing to actually look like a pretty woman


  • Lt. Daniels getting taken out like a punk from behind
  • Ben talking Locke off the ledge just to turn around and kill him himself
  • this new punk Caesar running things

This is yet another episode that shows how expendable and forgotten the old characters remaining on the island really are (Sawyer, Juliette, etc.).  The show no longer needs them.  Does it even need Jack and Kate and Sayid?  Seems we only need Ben, Locke, Widmore and their respective agents.

I initially was going to give this ep like 4-stars, but after writing this review I’m down to 3-stars.  Maybe it was an awful, time wasting ep?  Maybe it was an awesome ep that will be a LOST classic?  I just can’t decide right now.


One Response to “LOST 5×07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham — SPOILERS”

  1. Jei
    on March 5th, 2009 11:45 AM

    Ok, just finished 5×08. First ep of the 2nd half of the season continues to nail it–another 4star episode, even if totally predictable and mostly filler. It was filler I wanted to see–and the emotional payoff was great.

    Favorite non-spoiler scene: banter between LaFleur and Banzai.
    Worst: creepy pedophile moment


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