LOST 6×10 “The Package”

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A regular episode of 6th season LOST, which is ok, but once again, lots of just running back and forth between islands.  The flash-sideways story was satisfying, but what is its purpose?  More after the break . . .


I liked this episode, I even maybe for awhile thought it was very good.  I guess now, as much as I want to savor every last minute of LOST left to us, I equally want to see the story just play out to its end.  I don’t want to wait for answers anymore, just break the dam and give it to us all!

What I really need is some hint that the flash-sideways stories have some relevance and are not just filler or some nice way to show an alternative life for the characters.  To a degree, I have faith that the writers will tie the flash-sideways storylines in very cleverly, but then to another degree, I don’t.  Are they just filler after all?  I really have a hard time imagining how they are relevant.


  • Let’s just get this out of the way now, umm, Sun asking Jin which buttons should stay unbuttoned and the bust-eye-view of this happening
  • Desmond showing up at the end, though I feel the Official podcast spoiled that for me
  • Sun’s tirade in Korean on the beach with contorted face, totally hot
  • Widmore finally coming face-to-face with MIB
  • Widmore asking, “Do you know who I am?”  Expecting even some creature on an island to know who the powerful Widmore is! ha
  • Jack and Sun’s “conversation” on the beach at the end


  • Jack and crew just waiting around on the beach for the return of Richard, Jack is a man of action, how can he just wait now?
  • Jin not putting up any fight when Keemi and that dude arrived
  • Yeah, why is a physicist leading guerilla ops??
  • Claire still wanting to kill Kate, so what was all that crying asking for forgiveness just like 2 eps ago??
  • Richard still scurrying around all wide eyed like a frightened chicken
  • Not a single dude from Hurley
  • Sawyer just hanging around pretending to not look concerned, go kick some ass James!

Dude, can’t MIB just like tip over those sonic things?  Seems like he can stand in between the legs of them, so just pick up the leg that is outside the sonic wall and flip it, boom, neutralized.  Let the rampage begin.  No?

So was it only Jacob stopping MIB from hopping on Desmond’s sailboat and sailing back to the good life in our world?  Seems like MIB is full of chances to leave now.  What did Jacob do to keep him in check, did he actually have some power over him?  The island itself not enough of a cork to keep him there?

I guess it all just comes down to, why are we getting these flash-sideways?  How significant are they and how will they all be tied in to the current actions on the islands in just 8 more hours of the show?

What does the MIB want to get off the island to do?  Looks like plenty of fun to be had right on the island.  What does he want to leave and do?  Drink every flavor of Gatorade like I did when I came back?  Eat a real piece of cake?  How powerful can he be among regular people if he is dependent on the same technology (airplanes) to get back as they are?

Who are the three people MIB still needs to recruit?  Jack, Hurley and Sun?  He needs Kate to get Jack?

What kind of war can a regular man and a smoke monster really wage?  Widmore is safe in his sonic fence area, MIB already survived one dagger attack.

I guess I am just getting really impatient for answers and the show to run its course, though I’ll be very sad when it does.  All of a sudden LOST and 24 will be gone just like that.  Two staples of TV watching for most of the 00s, and the last two movie like quality serial genre programs that produce 20+ eps a season, that we may ever see, at least for the foreseeable future.  None has come since LOST in 2004, so I cannot see it happening in today’s television climate at all.

I will vote 3.5 stars if I could, so maybe I’ll just go 3 stars this time.


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  1. on March 31st, 2010 6:14 AM

    Wow, the first ep. so far this season that really sucked! Nothing happened!! I’m not sure why the writers would even bother giving Jin and Sun top rating as they’re both practically nonexistent characters now. We’ve seen maybe 5 minutes of them in the first 9 eps and ep. 10 just reinforces the fact that they have zero purpose in the story. OK so Sun is a candidate? Really? Why?
    Jin does nothing except lose the money, get tied up and almost killed. A bit of badassness from him at the end was good, but not at the expense of Sun getting shot? Actually I’m not quite clear what actually happened to her.
    And THEY ARE NOT MARRIED? WTF?? So this sideline future Jin is really just a bodyguard? Weird.

    I really want to know WHY Widmore would want Jin? Because he signed some maps? huh?

    Sun bumping her head and forgetting English = lame. Please stop shouting at people in Korean! We can’t understand you!!

    Sawyer, would you please stop complaining and mouthing off all the time? Getting real tired of that.

    Everyone in Jack’s group is useless in this ep. Yeah, let’s just wait around some more for Richard who is probably not coming back. Even Ben was annoying in this ep! Jack with his annoying ‘Candidate’ smirk at the end telling Sun he’d get her and Jin off the island. This is quite a turn around from smashing mirrors in a rage a few eps ago.

    And those horrid Widmore people. I was super pissed off when it turned out that a chubby little nerd with night goggles and that man-chick with glasses took out Locke’s whole camp. I don’t care what else happens, but I swear I want to see all of Widmore’s people get destroyed by the end of the season. And I hope, I pray, that Widmore is not the good guy in the end.

    Desmond again? Why can’t they just leave him in peace? So is he the ‘package’? Is Desmond the thing that is supposed to battle Locke?

    Good points were few and far between:

    -Mikhail again! Was good to see him, even though he spoke mostly Korean.
    -Sun’s cleavage
    -Zombie Sayid about to do some badass stuff
    -Claire not really being sorry to Kate

    Can’t think of much else… Will give this ep. 2 stars, which is generous.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Why does Jacob need to be replaced and who is going to make the final decision on which candidate gets Jacob’s job? I mean, why didn’t it happen instantly after Jacob died? It would seem there needs to be an even higher power to decide who becomes Jacob and instills his powers into that Candidate.

    I guess I am ok with Sun and Jin’s sidestory, but no resolution like with the others actually.

    Yeah, it seems Desmond is the Package. So what does that mean? Is Widmore just going to present Desmond to Flocke and be like, “dude, package.” Flocke, “damn, I’m F-ed. I’ll crawl back to the jungle now. Touche.”

    Was Desmond’s name on the cave wall? I would guess he is the real candidate.


  2. on March 31st, 2010 8:27 AM

    Agreed, again. A weak episode, for these reasons-

    – Frustrating. Incredibly so. Everybody is just sitting around waiting. Get the F up and DO something, you sons of bi#%$es! There are three camps of people and they`re ll just sort of sitting around peeling fruit and stuff. No wonder Sun got frustrated and stormed off.

    – Aphasia? Seriously, are you kidding me? That`s total JV storytelling crap! And to what end did they even use it? Sit on a beach and give Jack a chance to do some more persuading (let`s get off the island, let`s go back to the island, let`s get off the island again. goddamn!)

    – Sideways flash was pointless. Just stuff happening. A slight variant on reality, but in no way telling, revealing, or cathartic. In both Ben, Jack, and to some extent Locke`s sideways flashes there was important resolution of long-standing character arcs. Jack dealt with his daddy issues by being a daddy. Ben learnt that the ends do not justify the means. And Locke sort of learnt to accept his wheelchair condition, and Helen`s abiding love. Good stuff. But for Kate, Sawyer, Saieed, and now Jin and Sun, nothing. Just more F-ing around. Nothing vital displayed, no catharsis, no important character stuff. Just a bunch of stuff!

    – The rules of engagement for Widmore, Locke, and Jack`s crew. Whatever these damn rules are they just piss me off. Agreed with Mike, why not flip the damn pylons and kill everyone? Why not get a gun and shoot them all? Why not kill/capture all of Locke`s army/camp when you (Widmore) have the chance? Why not go talk to Locke directly and just get it over with (Jack)? Frustrating!!

    – Locke seems like a pansy now. I`m not afraid of him. He can`t control any of the people supposedly under his control. He leaves them for a minute and they all get drugged and stolen from under his nose. His entire army could have been wiped out! How weak is that? How can I fear him the way I`m supposed to, if this is all he`s got? Seems like he`s supposed to be the snake in the garden of eden, using temptation to get his way, but he`s not even doing that very skilfully. None of the people on his side are really fighting, just sitting around.

    – Claire hating Kate again? Wtf?

    – Desmond, really, who cares anymore?

    – So sick of people just stealing other people without asking, then zapping them with drugs or tasers. Enough!

    – Sawyer playing some long con. The only truth for Sawyer I would respect is him sitting in his old house drinking himself to death for the loss of Juliette. This plan to leave, why the hell does he want to leave? I think he wants to just drink and die. Some names on a cave wall would not change that for him- he wouldn`t care, and certainly not enough to want to save Kate, who screwed everything up for him anyway.

    Phew. Many more. Were many moments I was just like- come on! Do something! They had some momentum from the bad ass moment Locke slaughtered the Temple. But lost it by having everyone sit around on their asses in the jungle for a couple of days now. No sense of forward momentum at all. No sense of a conflict coming. Just kill all these sodding people.

    Basically, am glad LOST is ending. If there was a whole other season to wait for, I might have just disengaged now to avoid further disappointment, catch it when it goes to DVD. As is, just want it to be over. Don`t see how it can even end with a bang now though, with Locke being so completely un-terrifying. Only villainish dude left is Widmore, only dude who hasn`t been compromised or shown to be weak (along with the past-era MIB). Maybe he`ll take over from Locke? I hope so. Perhaps he`ll be the true MIB? Somehow got off, but couldn`t use his powers, left the Locke-thing as some kind of shadow? That would be good. But doubtful.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Yeah, in other arcing stories, like Harry Potter, the final conflict between Harry and Voldemort was set basically from page 1. Here, just 7 eps from the end we still are not sure, and MIB was really just introduced a few eps ago. Widmore is just Widmore, we really don’t know anything about him other than he was on the island, got kicked off, wanted to find it and go back. We do not know the important WHY to that story.

    Yeah, since no resolution to the Sun & JIn storyline, even though I thought it was interesting, no resolution means not very satisfying as there is no more time for another flash sideways to tie up their story.

    The time for waiting around doing nothing was in the 1st season when no one knew much about the island and they were just waiting to be rescued.

    Like I mentioned before, basically no shows besides The Wonder Years have ever had satisfying series finales. Hell, even the epic The Wire floundered in its final season and especially its final ep. Didn’t care for the ending to Buffy. Even Deadwood was totally weak. If that badass show can end things right, who can? Maybe ROME was ok.

    Momentum is key. I want to see a juggernaut rolling down hill. Want characters to be really dying or really making huge choices every ep. Can’t stand all this fake dying. Like Locke is gone, but we never got to feel his death because it was all gimmick. Jin too, died, but wait, won’t he come back? Charlie, who cared? Let him die his stupid death. Sayid, maybe kind of dead but yet another gimmick death. Same with Claire. I guess the only truly real death in awhile was Alex’s. That was a rough one.

    The next episode is a Desmond one, and those have never failed us before.


  3. on March 31st, 2010 9:58 AM

    First, I’m just stoked because I predicted (without seeing any online stuff or listening to the podcast) that we’d have a Jin/Sun episode and Desmond sighting. I had a feeling he was the package.

    The aphasia might make sense if there is feedback from the sideways characters interfering in the main universe. Otherwise very weak gimmick.

    Crazy theorizing out loud:

    Desmond is the variable. He can move between times but also between worlds. He was the first example of a character moving between two sideways flashes. He needed to find a constant in both. Penny is his constant, and allowed him to slide comfortably into one or the other. A couple of the other crew on WIdmore’s last boat had it happen to them and they died without a constant.

    Faraday knew how to move in time, and was able to follow Desmond. He died–but not before he had almost 3 years in the 70s to travel time and maybe different worlds. Desmond was his constant–never used yet in the series but I am pretty sure we’ll see either alternative Faraday or 70s, not dead yet Faraday appearing near Desmond.

    Something that happens in the side universe or on the island will pull the characters into resonance with their alternate selves. We may also see that there are an infinite number of possible alternate lives that could be happening. The energy pockets are where the worlds come together close. The explosion in season 5 and the end of season 2 have damaged this universe significantly.

    If the MIB escapes in one reality he escapes in them all. But Widmore just wants to tap the energy for some reason — Penny!? Could this Widmore be from a world where Ben killed Penny and he wants to get to one where Penny is alive?

    What does it all mean? We’ll find out next week.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I just hope the writers can tie this up without a super messy explanation of things.

    Why is Widmore seemingly surrounded by idiots who botch the capture of Jin and over-drug Desmond? Can he not afford the best there is at this stuff? Tiny Fey is messing up all his plans!


  4. miniSLDR
    on April 6th, 2010 8:07 AM

    I think that at the end, Jack will become the new Jacob. Flocke will eventually gather all the candidates and after Jack and who ever else refuse to leave with him, he will try to kill them – fail, and presto, jack is the new jacob. after all, MiB said in Ab Aeterno that he would just kill whoever may replace jacob, but i dont think he will succeed in leaving the island.


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