LOST 6×13 “The Last Recruit”

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LOST may have just finally saved its final season.  What I had been patiently waiting for many episodes to happen, finally happened, i.e., pieces are moving into place with clear-ish end games.  More after the break . . .


I don’t think I can say FINALLY enough.  This is the kind of episode I had been expecting for like the past five episodes.  No more just sitting around on the beach or in the jungle waiting for something to happen.  People make decisions, act on them, and we are given something to root for.  Was very relieved to hear Sawyer’s (not ever going to call him James) plan and was like, “yes! now I can root for them to make it to the sub, go, go, go!”  Of course that was short lived since they were immediately doublecrossed by Widmore before they could doublecross him.  Of course they could still make their way to the sub eventually.

Oh, and finally when the episode ended and I said damn it, I meant it to mean I cannot wait to see next week’s episode.


  • LOVED Jack jumping off the sailboat, you HAVE to go with your gut, respect
  • Hurley ceding leadership back to Jack
  • basically Jack in general and over all in this ep
  • Sawyer having a plan, finally
  • Widmore showing the big weapons
  • Finally Jack knows Claire is his sister
  • Finally Jin and Sun are reunited
  • Sawyer using the garden hose to trip up Sayid
  • Kate totally owning Sawyer by saying she’d tell the feds about his trip to Oz
  • “Sayid’s a zombie and Claire’s crazy” somebody had to finally say it


  • Sailboat?  Where did that come from?  Or is that Desmond’s old one?
  • Jack & Locke private talk is in complete darkness, they return to the beach in broad daylight!
  • Not showing what happened between Sayid and Desmond in the well
  • Sun “finding her voice” just a gimmick
  • Not a very emotional reunion between Sun & Jin actually

I am really curious to see what MIB/Flocke and Jack do next together.  I would think it is safe to assume that all others on the beach in MIB/Flocke’s group are now dead, save maybe for Sayid.  Will Jack flat out say that you wanting to leave with us makes me think I should definitely not leave then?

Now I am excited to see what happens next.  Mostly about the above mentioned Jack & MIB/Flocke pairing, but also when Desmond shows up on the island, not to mention when Richard & Miles come out of nowhere as well.

UPDATE:  There will be no episode of LOST next week, a HUGE FAIL after building momentum finally this week, that will all be killed by a 2-week wait.  I will never watch another ABC show in my life in protest.


6 Responses to “LOST 6×13 “The Last Recruit””

  1. on April 21st, 2010 9:45 AM

    Hmm, not amazing, but agreed that it is good to have some actual movement.

    I liked-

    Desmond asking Saieed the exact right question- what will you tell the woman you love about how you got her back?

    Ben, Locke, Jack, David in flash sideways. I`ve always cared about Jack probably the most of any characters, so it just makes me happy to see him getting on well with his son, to see his son so obviously glad that Jack is his dad. Ben caring about Locke is touching and decent. Locke saying his name is John, he wants to be known by his name, touching too.

    Jack flying through the air after Widmore`s ordinance goes off. Great effects, looked very real.

    Jack`s heartfelt apology to Sawyer about Juliet. About time someone mentioned that again.

    Annoying things-

    Just more pieces being moved into place. No clear idea still what is at stake and who will benefit from what happening to who.

    – General theory now feels that they all get off, and the sideways world is what Locke offered them as part of the deal, so their lives are good. They made a deal with the devil and got what they wanted most- though if they did make that deal, seems strange that the world hasn`t ended as Jacob said it would when MIB escaped.

    That aside, Desmond is a warrior sent through time to wake them up to continue fighting the good fight. Could it all end with Locke in his hospital bed, surrounded by all the others who have remembered their sideways life? With them there Locke remembers, and somehow manages to reach across time and into the body of the smoke monster, and claim the body back?

    Hmm. Seems like it might hinge on something like that. Otherwise I can`t see what role Locke can have.


    Jason Collin Reply:

    It was a good question by Desmond to save his skin, but will Nadia care more how she was brought back to life given that she was somehow brought back to life?! That’s just an easy lie. Just say it has something to do with the island, she doesn’t need to know.

    Jack’s logic was sound about MIB/Flocke. It just goes to show how tunnel visioned Sawyer is right now and it will get someone on that boat killed, if not at least himself.

    To me right now Desmond is just so tooth fairy glittering around the flash sideways world and the island, floating about. Hardly seems like the Variable or some important person.

    It does seem most people in the flash sideways are headed toward the hospital one way or the other.

    I think the MIB/Flocke has Locke’s body for good. The only Locke that can exist now is the one in the flash sideways.


  2. on April 22nd, 2010 11:44 AM

    Random thoughts:
    -Jason, it is Desmond/Libby’s boat.
    – Why did Sun remember Locke in the flash sideways?
    – Why the gimmick with the no English?
    – I was more moved than I thought i would be by Jin and Sun’s reunion. Awesome touch that Sawyer tears up.
    – WEAK explanation of Christian’s “secrets”. Why did Christian appear in the chair in Jacob’s cabin?
    – Really liked Ben caring for Locke
    – Jack saves Locke in one world, Locke saves Jack in the other?
    – When Jin said “The baby is fine” and the camera panned slowly to Jack and David, I totally thought Juliet would be standing there.
    – Also got the feeling that Juliet might be David’s mother.
    – Kate and the Russian chick both look good in the flash-sideways. Kate didn’t piss me off the whole episode

    – They should totally spin Miles and Sawyer off into a show. Great team


    Jason Collin Reply:

    Most of the thinking I have heard is that Juliet is the mother of David also. Ha, or Sharon?? Or Danielle?

    The no English was pure gimmick and below LOST’s standards. As we both know, NO WAY would non-native English speakers use English in a reunion situation like that.

    Sawyer teared up for the Jin/Sun reunion? Didn’t notice that.

    No episode next week, just furthers my anger toward ABC, which a few weeks ago had a damn countdown timer for V taking up a huge portion of the screen for an entire LOST episode. Doing stuff like that makes me want to start downloading the episodes from bit torrent again to get a clean version of the show. Plus I still feel 720p rips on my old AQUOS look better than the HD version on cable here on my SONY Bravia.


  3. on April 30th, 2010 7:12 PM

    Random thoughts:
    -Jason, it is Desmond/Libby’s boat.
    – Why did Sun remember Locke in the flash sideways?
    – Why the gimmick with the no English?


    Jason Collin Reply:

    I heard Sun may remember Locke because she was never actually talked to directly by Flocke/MIB so she is not “affected” by him. This may be true for Kate also.


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