TRON [1982] review

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I am usually very accommodating and respective of legacy special effects, but after seeing TRON I am even more excited to see what current day special effects can do to enhance the story telling of that visually awesome universe.  I also learned that Moses in South Park is from the MCP in TRON, though no popcorn necklaces were desired in the latter.

TRON was one of those movies that I thought there would be a lot more too.  The 90-minute running time seemed way too short leaving the story feeling rushed.  My guess is the short running time is due to the cost of each minute of special effects laden film back then.
What I found really interesting about the TRON universe is the personification of computer programs.  I can see the makers of Toy Story being inspired by TRON.  In TRON the computer programs want attention from their “users.”  They believe in their users almost like deities.
There is a connection to the Wizard of Oz as well in that characters in the real world have representations of themselves in the computer world.  There were really many cool things in
TRON, just not enough film to really let the viewer dig everything, which was not helped by the seemingly cartoonish visual effects of the time.
The flying gates, the lightcycles, and the discs used for memory storage and battle were all iconic.  Even with 1982 level CGI, the lightcycle scene was thrilling and visually dazzling.
TRON is a visually compelling, though dated, computer geek special interest movie.


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