March 4, 2011 · Print This Article

If there is one piece of movie advice you ever follow of mine, then heed this: do not waste your life ever watching RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. It is like watching a home movie quality video of people only filled with malice and contempt for each other. I have no idea why on earth Anne Hathaway would ever accept a role like the character of Kym who is an addict that has done the absolute most horrible thing, but still expects, nay, demands everyone feel sympathy for her constantly and just let her do whatever she wants without any supervision. The existence of such a character is the height of preposterousness.

The movie is shot shakily with handheld cameras seemingly all the time. The video quality is grainy and washed out. There are these random musicians around the family house constantly playing annoying music that may also make you insane by the end of the movie. Kym as a character has zero point zero redeeming qualities and reasons why a movie should be made based on such a horrid character.

The movie is unwatchable in many aspects, from its extremely low production values to its complete non-story non-plot script. If anyone can name a point for this film being made, I would love to hear it. I have no idea what the point of the movie is, other than to trick people into wasting two hours of their lives aborting malice. Please do not see this movie.


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