PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 [2010] movie review

October 30, 2011 · Print This Article

Last October I watched PARANORMAL ACTIVITY as a rare scary movie watching event because of the hype surrounding the movie. I remembered it as being pretty scary but just rereading my review I did not write that I thought it was that scary. Well, by that measure then, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 is not scary at all as the attacks by the demon really only come once the entire movie! The rest is just watching some fool parents leave their newborn baby alone despite having concrete video footage of, well, paranormal activity.

In PA 2 the movie revolves around the sister of the woman in the first PA. She just had a baby boy with a man who already had a teenage daughter. The husband here is as ignorantly skeptical as the boyfriend was in the first PA. Actually, since the events of PA 2 mostly take place before the PA, the boyfriend in PA seems now absolutely ignorant.


PA 2 has multiple steady camera angles due to the dad having a series of ceiling high security cameras installed after their house was trashed by what they thought were just thieves. These cameras did not produce a scary viewpoint at all. Mostly they just showed the auto pool cleaner doing its thankless job and the inside of the front doors. That’s it!


The security cameras really removed the intimacy and immediateness the mostly handheld camera in PA produced. Thus, there was nothing scary. Plus, the one moment that may make you jump was spoiled in the movie’s trailer! So I was expecting it the entire time.


The only character I liked was the teenage daughter who reacted like a normal person would, by researching these events and trying to understand them. She determined they were being attacked by a demon, which is brought on by someone making a deal with that demon in the past for money, power, etc. The cost for this is the person’s first born son, if no son, then the debt carries on down the generations. The baby in this movie was the first son in the bloodline. Hence, the demon has come to collect.


So I am thinking, alright, as soon as the baby is born, why not just come and immediately claim it? Why bother slamming doors and knocking down frying pans? Is it not possible for it to be direct? Is it hard for the demon to interact with the human world?


The ending of PA 2 does tie in nicely with the events of PA. I liked that, but the way it was executed on screen was entirely sterile and not tense. It seemed very matter of fact.


If you have to put up text explaining what just happened at the end of your movie, I consider that a fail. Still, for chickens like me, the PA series is tolerable scary movie fare.


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