BULLHEAD ( RUNDSKOP ) [2011] movie review

February 2, 2012 · Print This Article

If you do not enjoy watching movies with characters that are hard to physically tell apart from each other for much of the beginning of the movie, lack any and all narrative drive, seem to have absolutely no point, then end as ambiguously as possible with no explanation, then you will definitely not like BULLHEAD (Belgian title RUNDSKOP).  I know I could not really follow the movie at all, then I realized there was nothing to follow.

The only reason BULLHEAD came to my attention was because of its Oscar nomination for best Foreign Picture, which it has absolutely no chance of winning in comparison to the fascinating Iranian movie, A SEPARATION.  BULLHEAD starts out appearing to be a gangster movie with a cattle meat front.  That part in the beginning is nearly impossible to follow with all the characters poorly introduced and then left undeveloped or even mentioned.

A BMW getting a new pair of wheels factors into some police officer getting murdered, which appears off screen and seems random.  The main character is some hulking dude I thought was a gangster too, but according to IMDB seemed to be just a cattle farmer who got caught up with the “hormone mafia.”

Then there is a confusing flashback to 20 years ago where we are again left mostly guessing who is who for much of the flashback.  Turns out the hulking cattle farmer got his nads caved in by some crazy punk kid and in present day has to take huge amounts of testosterone.

The deal going on between gangsters remains confusing and almost forgotten as the hulking dude just wonders around running into and/or stalking people from twenty years ago, all of a sudden.

I knew by the clock the movie had to end soon, but I could see absolutely no way it could end with any satisfactory story coming to light, and I was right, it did not.  I was like, “uh, that’s the end?  That made absolutely no sense.”


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