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Continuing my Godzilla movie marathon next up was a movie I could remember well from childhood, ALL MONSTERS ATTACK [1969], or as it was very poorly named for its U.S. release, GODZILLA’S REVENGE. This tenth movie in the series was very firmly geared toward children. A young boy named Ichiro (funny now that that name is famous in the U.S.) gets bullied by his classmates and escapes into his imagination and vivid dreams of hanging out on Monster Island with his buddy Minya, aka Godzilla’s son.

I did not mind at all this kid friendly version of a Godzilla movie. My only criticism of it is that the movie recycles Godzilla fight scenes from SON OF GODZILLA too much. If there were only original battles in it, the movie would have seemed like less of a bullying story tacked onto retreaded fight scenes. Still, it is enjoyable and the final battle with the cackling Gabara is a satisfying one.

Ichiro’s parents both have to work long hours to make ends meet in a polluted late 60s Tokyo (it is a surprisingly clean aired city currently). So he spends a lot of time home alone, but is checked in on by an eccentric neighbor who just happens to be a toy inventor! The other subplot involves a search for two bank robbers hiding out in the neighborhood.

The bullying Minya suffers on Monster Island is reflected back in Tokyo in scenes with Ichiro. Minya overcomes his bullies first, then seeing and learning that lesson, Ichiro fights his own Gabara and defeats him too!



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