ARGO [2012] movie review

January 14, 2013 · Print This Article

ARGO is one of the few movies from 2012 that lived up to its billing for me.  This was a history lesson done in a highly engaging and entertaining fashion, which I enjoyed much more than its Oscar rival film LINCOLN.Ben Affleck stars in and directs this dramatic telling of the rescue of six Americans in Iran in 1980 hiding as refugees in the home of the Canadian ambassador.  They were the only six to get out of the U.S. embassy.  Fifty others were held for much longer in much less hospitable conditions.

I was expecting the movie to be all serious, but as soon as you see John Goodman come on screen in any movie, you know there will be some manic fun to follow (I just saw him in FLIGHT as well).  Affleck plays the CIA agent who comes up with the idea to have the six hiding Americans pose as Canadian filmmakers, and everything has to be totally legit, so he contacts buddy Goodman to help him get the gears in motion for actually making a movie.  The Hollywood scenes were unexpected fun, thanks also to wisecracks and the movie’s signature saying provided by Alan Arkin.

Once Affleck’s character touches down in Iran though, it is all business, and an incredible amount of tension.  You will burn calories watching him try and get the six Americans through the airport. I cannot say how many times the phrase “go, go, go” went through my head while watching it.  If they are discovered, it means death for sure for all of them.

ARGO works excellently as a political thriller set in the middle east, as well as a gripping dramatic remake of a historical event that has seen little previous cinematic notice.



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