THE MONEY PIT [1986] movie review

April 28, 2013 · Print This Article

Thanks to continued free HBO, I have started an 80s comedy marathon with this afternoon’s movie being THE MONEY PIT [1986]. I probably saw this when I was a kid, remembering Shelley Long and Tom Hanks starring in it, however, this movie is no 80s comedy classic. In fact, the movie really takes a huge misstep I think and basically ruins itself in the last act.

The premise is very simple, Hanks and Long have been living in the super nice New York apartment of Long’s ex-husband while he has been out of town. This fact is not made very clear to start with (poor writing and/or directing). So the couple has to find a new place to live asap. For some reason even though they both work in the city, they think buying a house in the countryside is the way to go since Hank’s suspect real estate agent friend has found them a deal to good to be true, which it of course is. Who buys a house without getting an inspection done on it? Apparently Tom Hanks’ character does, and he is a lawyer no less making it seem even more preposterous.

That aside, the movie really is just a downer as nonstop things go wrong with the house until finally even their lovey dovey relationship starts to sour. I did not need to see it sour to the point of utter malice like it did, including the viewer manipulation involving Long and her cheating on Hanks. That seemed so out of place for a movie of this tone. It basically ruined the movie and making up in two sentences seemed contrived and totally unbelievable.


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