SIDE EFFECTS [2013] movie review

May 16, 2013 · Print This Article

I believe SIDE EFFECTS [2013] is the first 2013 release movie I have seen. I went in as usual knowing very little about the movie, actually believing it was going to be sci-fi, which may have contributed to me not caring much for the movie, especially the first third. It is actually a psychological thriller based around psychiatry and prescription drugs.

I am totally against the whole prescription drug industrial complex and just the thought of it sickens me, along with how any bad feelings get drugs prescribed to help. I just think, what did people do a 100 years ago? I think so much of society taking prescription drugs is itself a side effect of the futureless existence modern life presents.

Anyway, the actual movie SIDE EFFECTS directed by Steven Soderbergh is something had I known more about I probably never would have watched since there are no lessons, no good characters to identify with, just a perverse look into people gaming the legal system using psychiatry for their own selfish benefit.

Jude Law is a psychiatrist with a new patient played by Rooney Mara whose husband was just released from prison for inside trading. So why would she then deliberately drive her car into a wall? The answer to that question is only revealed much later on through various plot twists that are kind of hard to follow, especially when you do not care. At least they ignite viewer interest a little as throughout the first act I was thinking I really do not want to just watch a movie about a depressed person.

For such a messy business involving two psychiatrists, untold prescription drugs, and a suspicious patient, the ending gets tidied up a bit too much.


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