IDENTITY THIEF [2013] movie review

June 6, 2013 · Print This Article

I decided to watch IDENTITY THIEF [2013] despite most of the bad reviews. Just to be safe, I only reserved it for a Sunday afternoon viewing time, not a prime Friday or Saturday night slot. With such reserved expectations, I found it to be an acceptable level of entertainment for a matinee viewing, thanks to the ending.

It is funny how I could watch two movies so similar in plot over the same weekend, as i did by watching MIDNIGHT RUN on Friday night and now IDENTITY THIEF. Both feature a got to get a person across the country in time plot. Basically a bounty hunter storyline told in a comedic way. If you use the “if I had to watch a movie a second time” standard, then I would say I liked IDENTITY THIEF better than MIDNIGHT RUN.

A garish woman in Florida calls up a straight laced accountant in Colorado. She starts her con by saying his identity was stolen, but they caught the person, so can you please confirm your personal information, including social security number! He does, and thus his identity is actually stolen. One running joke is the victim’s name is Sandy, which he claims is unisex and everyone else thinks is a girl’s name, allowing the Florida woman to go on using his credit card info without a second look.

This movie leaves a lot of unmined source material to make a proper movie about the affects of identity theft, either as a thriller or a better comedy that shows more of the nuts and bots of digital identity theft. Once the fake Sandy maxes the real Sandy’s credit card out buying preposterous stuff, that is pretty much that for exploring what happens when your identity is stolen and a series of physical comedy with Melissa McCarthy going crazy on screen ensues.

There are not really many laughs actually, and the inevitable change in character from uncaring identity thief to woman with a bad childhood that turned into a bad adult to someone who is worth saving thankfully takes place gradually enough to be somewhat plausible.

The fact that the ending was not all nice and neat and that there were real consequences greatly elevated my overall feeling toward the movie.


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