THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES [2013] movie review

June 8, 2013 · Print This Article

It would be very hard to describe THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES [2013] to someone, and especially hard to do it without ruining the originality of the movie. Thus, reviewing it is not a typical affair, as this movie is very atypical itself.

Going into the movie I only knew that it starred Ryan Gosling and it was potentially a badass movie. I was only half right. The movie does open with Gosling, a great continuous shot of him flicking a switchblade knife in a trailer then walking out through a carnival into the first surprise of the movie, which I will not reveal here. Basically the first third of the movie is watching him go from a nomadic existence to trying to be a supportive and reliable person, though in a most illegal way.

Even though this first act has a number of twists, they are nothing compared to what follows. I really cannot say anything further about the movie, only that you will be rewarded for sticking with its downer feeling and rather slow pace. Much of my appreciation for the movie comes from the fact it so breaks the typical storytelling mold. It does not do so through gimmicks either.


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