TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE [2012] movie review

June 9, 2013 · Print This Article

It is too bad that I am now hesitant to watch, at least a contemporary, Clint Eastwood movie due to his political nonsense in 2012, but I put that aside and watched TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE [2012]. Eastwood has long been my favorite Hollywood figure in totality counting his acting and directing, and even looked how I hope I will look if I live to be that long, tough, gnarled, like a man. In TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE he plays a stereotypical gruff old “get off my lawn” man as is possible. It went a bit too far in the movie, especially his “grunt” answers, but at least no one can make it more believable than Eastwood.

In direct contrast to this is the pure beauty of Amy Adams playing his hard working daughter. Eastwood is an old baseball scout who used to take his daughter with him when she was young, but a tragedy stopped all that and he basically abandoned her. He continued with baseball and she became a lawyer.

The movie takes place during another turning point for both of them, she is about to be made partner and skyrocket, Eastwood is losing his vision and at the end of his scouting days. Though he pushes her away all the time, Adams continually tries to take care of her father, even deciding to risk getting the partnership to help her dad fill out his scouting contract looking at one big time high school baseball prospect.

Throw in Justin Timberlake cracking jokes as a scout new to the scene who naturally is sweet on Adams, some earnest acting and a soundtrack that will make sure you feel it, plus a story that is welcomingly predictable and of course has a happy ending, and you get a decent movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon.


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