HOUSESITTER [1992] movie review

June 23, 2013 · Print This Article

Reading in the IMDB trivia section that Goldie Hawn was only the third choice to play the lead in HOUSESITTER [1992] seems preposterous at how she was not the first and only choice. She is perfect as a free spirited habitual liar who easily talks her way into a brand new house, with an invented husband and entire backstory for how it all came about.

Steve Martin plays the hapless guy being swept out in the tide of all these Goldie concoctions. He is really in love with someone else, but when she turns down his proposal, Goldie is the first woman he shows any interest in. It is only a one night stand with Goldie, but he told her just enough info about his life for her to seemingly harmlessly take over his life . . . as his wife.

She is able to do this thanks to the existence of quaint New England small town culture. It really is ingenious on her part and very fun to watch on screen as she takes little pieces of info, like a local grocery letting customers run a tab, and before she finishes getting rung up, has brought that charade all the way to including marriage!

Goldie’s charm is shown in full and everyone she meets falls in love with her. She is very disarming, often helped by some invented story that plays on the sympathies of the people in the small town, though even in Boston she can work her magic.


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