TINY FURNITURE [2010] movie review

September 7, 2013 · Print This Article

If I had watched TINY FURNITURE [2010] written, directed and starring Lena Dunham, first, I probably never would have watched her HBO show GIRLS as this movie is very similar to the show, just with a lot less humor, and a lot less interesting characters. That then just leaves Lena on screen in her underwear half the time looking very frumpy.

TINY FURNITURE is a super low budget movie, so much so Lena’s real sister and mom play her sister and mom in the movie. Lena’s character’s name is Aura, which would sound preposterous if her mom was not a photographer of tiny furniture, then one can understand how a parent may name their daughter that. Aura just finished grad school in Ohio, studying film, and moved back to New York. Why in the world did she not go to film school in New York then? Her boyfriend chose to move to Colorado and she arrives at her mom’s awesome townhouse front step a mess, literally. Dunham is very unafraid to show herself in what I think was totally no makeup on screen revealing her acne and cellulite for all to see. That is part of what makes FURNITURE and GIRLS have such an authentic feeling, and a weird intimate feel as well.

There is no plot to speak of, Aura just tries out a hostess job, flirts with the cook, let’s some random guy she met for a minute stay alone in her mom’s empty townhouse and hangs out with her old gal pal Charlotte. She is a character that seems to have utterly no confidence. It makes it hard to understand how she every graduated from college as she seems mostly helpless and ready to collapse onto a bed at any given second.

Since there really is no story, the movie just ends out of nowhere. Also weird.


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