THE WOLVERINE [2013] movie review

October 8, 2013 · Print This Article

It seems to be a trend to take away a superhero’s powers for much of the movie these days, and I do not like that at all. THE WOLVERINE [2013] does this, as did IRON MAN 3 and also THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Why make a superhero movie without the super powers? This can even be traced back to SUPERMAN II from the Christopher Reeve era. This is one of many things that made THE WOLVERINE enjoyable only if you really like seeing the Wolverine character and also if you happen to be interested in Japan.

I do happen to like the Wolverine character, and I lived in Japan for six years, so I am sure this influenced me to like this movie somewhat, where a neutral viewer would have possibly found it unwatchable. Now after seeing the movie I cannot really tell the motivations of any of the characters. Why anyone did anything they did I cannot really recall. Stuff just happens and the Wolverine slashes through scenes, and then for a long time does not. If you like being reminded of small Japanese town life, you might enjoy stretches of the second act. Probably you will be thinking how can they possibly stay this hidden from danger all this time?

The only emotional part of the movie for me was in the very beginning where a bear is killed. These were the best scenes for Wolverine as I believed his motivations and respected them. Then some Japanese girl shows up and gets him to return to Tokyo with her to say goodbye to a man Logan met long ago. Logan actually saved his life, which one would not expect an American POW to do for a Japanese soldier.

This was actually a pretty good setup for the movie. I was interested and ready to be entertained. That did not last long though as chaos started with some confusing plot about the now dying Japanese soldier (who had become the most powerful businessman in Japan) wanting to help Logan out by taking his healing powers from him. There is a creepy, though hot, blonde doctor involved, and the yakuza, and the Minister of Justice and the old man’s granddaughter and son. Basically the daughter is wanted dead by everyone and Wolverine decides to be her protector, except there are tons of chances to actually kill her and Wolverine.

He tries to protect her the rest of the movie and I guess fall in love with her, all the time having guilty dreams about Jean Grey. There is not much chemistry between these too, and she is engaged and Wolverine is still in love with Jean so should anything be happening anyway??

The setup for THE WOLVERINE was promising, but the third act especially was just a mess with no real break through for the Wolverine character in the end. It was pretty unsatisfying.


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