FLIPPED [2010] movie review – recommended

March 14, 2014 · Print This Article

Only by absolute random looking through a list of movies did FLIPPED [2010] come on to my radar this week.  I had never heard of it at all before.  Directed by Rob Reiner I will be recommending this movie so it gets the attention it deserves.  For those looking for a pure film, one free of malice and one with clever story telling, this coming of age story about young romance set in the early 1960s will amuse and entertain you.

I had been planning on watching FLIPPED this evening for the past two days, however, just as I started it and saw only the studio logo come up on screen, I paused the video and thought for a second, is this the kind of movie I really want to watch tonight?  Even though it had a very solid 7.7 IMDB rating and Rob Reiner as the director, I thought it might be too light and even too silly for my mood.  I contemplated the other movies I had on standby.  Thankfully, I unpaused it and let it play and within the first few minutes I never doubted the choice.

Bryce Loski moves into a new house with his family and immediately his neighbor across the street comes over to offer her help.  Juli Baker even as just a second grader makes a strong impression on both dad and son, but unfortunately for her not a positive one.  It is love at first sight for Juli, but Bryce being a boy wanted nothing to do with it.

Right away the storytelling gets put on its head as there is a cut back to when Bryce first arrives.  We saw things from his point of view, but now we will see things from Juli.  This changing POV method of storytelling continues throughout the movie to very good effect.  It helps separate this movie and elevate it to recommended status.

Most of the story takes place with Bryce & Juli in 7th grade.  Each goes from thinking they like the other to thinking for sure they do not, never quite matching up at the same time.  Since this is set in 1963, everything is very innocent and confined to staring at each other from across the classroom.

Complicating things for Juli & Bryce even further are their families.  Each has different issues and since they never really actually talk to each other, neither knows why they act the way they do.

FLIPPED is a definite hidden gem of a movie and one that should be watched when you need your insides purified.


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