EDGE OF TOMORROW [2014] movie review

September 19, 2014 · Print This Article

The previews did not at all make EDGE OF TOMORROW [2014] look like anything more than just another CGI video game type action movie. Yet it had an 8.1 rating on IMDB, which could be inflated by fans, but something made me think it just might be good. It was!

Seeing those clumsy metal skeleton suits Tom Cruise and other soldiers were wearing in the trailer made me think this movie could not be taken seriously in anyway. The suits actually have little role in the movie and we learn nothing about them. Learning and adapting is what the movie is really about, and it uses the gimmick made famous in the classic Bill Murray movie GROUNDHOG DAY to great effect. Have other movies used this since then? If a movie is going to borrow something, why not something very clever like letting a character keep repeating the same day learning more and more. TOMORROW was very creative in showing Cruise learn and adapt to get better at dealing with his situation, and also becoming a better person at the same time.

Oh yeah, there is an alien invading force that has taken over continental Europe. I liked the design for these creatures, like metal octopi that are super deadly in field combat spinning, swimming, digging and moving with shocking speed. If they were all concentrated in Europe, why we could not just bomb that to oblivion I do not know, maybe because the brain of all of them, referred to as the Omega, would reset time and not let that happen.

Cruise’s strategy for surviving the day is saving this super badass woman soldier, played by Emily Blunt. She is praised for killing 100 mimics (the foot soldiers of the Omega) in a single battle with minimal training just because of this new metal skeleton suit. Umm, not just because of that. She had the same ability as Cruise to relive the same day, but not anymore.

The movie could have stayed with its initial way of Cruise just repeating and trying to use Blunt’s character to help save the day, but what made TOMORROW a better action movie than most was that it altered seamlessly from that strategy. Cruise’s character actually learned and became more intelligent, and thus so did the story become more interesting for the viewer.

Now the ending was a bit unbelievable, but not super over the top. EDGE OF TOMORROW is one of the better CGI heavy action movies I have seen in awhile.


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