GODZILLA [2014] movie review

May 17, 2014

What an absolute abomination, I just have to say that right away.  That is what this new American version GODZILLA [2014] movie is.  It is not just the worst Godzilla movie I have ever seen, it is possibly the worst ever movie of all time I have seen.  This so-called Godzilla movie is a fail on every single level from the perspective of being an actual Godzilla movie, and not even taking into consideration any past depiction of Godzilla in a movie, this itself as a movie is also a fail on every single level.  Toho please do not let anyone ever make another Godzilla movie! [Read more]

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE [1937] movie review

May 3, 2014

Based on Netflix’s recommendation and that it was starring Henry Fonda, I watched YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE [1937] this evening, but was rather disappointed by it. The movie was full of hard luck until the very end making me think why should anyone watch something like this? I cannot recommend it. [Read more]

RIDE ALONG [2014] movie review

May 2, 2014

The first 2014 movie release I watched happened to be RIDE ALONG [2014].  From Kevin Hart’s various TV appearances on Saturday Night Live and other places I decided to give him a chance in a movie role.  For sure, liking Kevin Hart’s manic style is necessary to enjoy watching RIDE ALONG as it is basically 99 minutes of him being manic alongside Ice Cube, albeit it in an enjoyable way. [Read more]

NOWHERE IN AFRICA [2001] movie review – recommended

April 27, 2014

After spending time in a cypress wetlands along a river at midday, in the afternoon I was in the mood to see a movie set in Africa. Doing a little searching and getting frustrated as usual with Netflix streaming only having about 10% of titles I ever search for, I found NOWHERE IN AFRICA [2001] and was treated to a true hidden gem of a movie. [Read more]

THE OCTOBER MAN [1947] – movie review

April 19, 2014

Continuing my film noir marathon this evening with THE OCTOBER MAN [1947], a British movie in black & white featuring proper film noir atmosphere full of characters standing in shadows and being revealed behind clouds of steam. I like listening to the very formal and polite way of British people speaking to each other even when discussing unpleasant or even hostile topics. [Read more]

GODZILLA: FINAL WARS [2004] – movie review

April 5, 2014

What started in my childhood ended this afternoon as I watched the final Toho made Godzilla movie, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS [2004]. I am afraid to say this movie was an absolute abomination and I wish I would never have watched it. It is not just the worst Godzilla movie ever made, I think it is the worst movie of any kind I have ever seen. I could not be more disappointed. [Read more]

GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] movie review

March 30, 2014

Not really a feature length movie at only 66 minutes, GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] was good enough that I wanted to make a proper movie review for it anyway. It did not feel short and told a full story in its limited screen time. [Read more]

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