GODZILLA 2000 [1999] movie review

March 1, 2014

Upon realizing the release of the new Godzilla movie (which will be a worldwide release) is coming up in May, I resumed my Godzilla marathon entering the Millennium series of films, the first time for me to see these movies. Unfortunately, GODZILLA 2000 [1999] is a very slow start to the resumption of the Godzilla franchise. With Godzilla absent for nearly the entire middle two thirds of the movie, and with a generic UFO subplot, viewer interest understandably wavers through much of the movie, even for me. [Read more]

LOST 6×10 “The Package”

March 31, 2010

A regular episode of 6th season LOST, which is ok, but once again, lots of just running back and forth between islands.  The flash-sideways story was satisfying, but what is its purpose?  More after the break . . .

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FTW spreads to Japan business signs?

October 10, 2008

The acronym FTW has been used increasingly in the past few years first among gamers and online geeks, but it has started to filter into more common every day spoken conversations as well.  For example, I hear John Noe of Pottercast using it sometimes.  So as I was walking down a small, off the path street in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan, I noticed that a small business’ storefront sign had a “For the win!’ slogan.

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Generation Kill episode #05 “A Burning Dog” review

August 12, 2008


GENERATION KILL is really hitting its stride now.  The 5th episode, “A Burning Dog,” was riveting for every second of it’s hour-long running time.  From the very opening seen I was sucked in and taken off my bed and into my television.  The first season of GENERATION KILL is the best season of TV since the 4th season of THE WIRE.  

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Generation Kill Episode 2 review

July 29, 2008

The creators of the best show of the 00’s, THE WIRE, have a new HBO series, GENERATION KILL.  I have now watched the first two episodes of GENERATION KILL and I can definitely say that this second episode had a definite WIRE vibe to it (the first ep was a bit slow, but had to establish a lot).  That sense of true urban grit, of urban tension, of realness, it was flowing all over this David Simon and Ed Burns penned ep (along with Even Wright).  I am totally on board with GENERATION KILL and it feels great to finally have a high quality drama on my weekly viewing schedule again.  

GENERATION KILL is the story of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 from the viewpoint of the Bravo Company, an elite group of marines who also happen to have an embedded journalist from Rolling Stone magazine with them.  

Also like THE WIRE, within Bravo Company you have a diverse mix of people, from extremely sharp and intelligent leaders down to some of the dumbest of the dumb marines.  And not all the commanding officers are the sharpest knives in the drawer.  And if one of them happens to be your CO and gives an obviously wrong order, you still have to follow it because you are a marine, after all.  

You realize while watching GENERATION KILL just how amazing it is that the U.S. military can accomplish anything at all, at least in Iraq.  From having the wrong color camouflage to not enough batteries to power night vision goggles, it was just ludicrous how under-equipped the Bravo Company marines were.  And you feel for them.  It’s already the toughest job in the world, made infinitely tougher by lack of adequate equipment and ROE (rules of engagement) that literally change in the heat of battle.  

I am once again fascinated by a TV show.  I will enjoy my weekly hours back in the very capable hands of David Simon and Ed Burns.

Protected: Nostalgia Movie Nights

July 23, 2008

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Jacked-in goes WordPress!!

June 15, 2008

Jacked-in has been around since 1998.  I’ve used many different HTML editors and WYSIWYG web applications.  All that has resulted in the site becoming a bit of a Frankenstein monster.  So I’ve decided to use WordPress to take Jacked-in into a more organized future.  I will slowly add as much of the old, classic Jacked-in content as possible into this newly designed site.  Fear not, you can still view all the classic Jacked-in content HERE.  

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new design! (feedback welcome)


Thursdays = LOST

May 24, 2007

People in the real world may watch LOST on Wednesday nights, but for me, LOST is synonymous with Thursday nights. Due to living in Tokyo and being some 13 to 14 hours ahead of U.S. east coast time, it just works out that way. And this has become, as with all things important to me, ritualized. LOST is ingrained into Thursday nights for me. Though I can’t remember clearly, I presume starting with the pilot some 3 years ago almost, I watched LOST around 11:15pm on Thursday night. In the second season especially, the Thursday night ritual was at its strongest. At times I even did other great things earlier on Thursday nights, then came home triumphantly knowing LOST was already safely on the Powerbook’s hard drive waiting to be viewed upon my return.

The glory of those such Thursday nights is no longer possible, but still, I feel radically different when I know LOST is waiting for me after work on a Thursday. No matter how hard I may be on the show, each and every week I still look forward to it as the highlight of my week (nowadays), and settle in, connecting the Powerbook to the grand AQUOS, and prepare to be engrossed for the next 43 minutes. The whole second part of season 3 has been viewed on the AQUOS, and this has added greatly to the LOST viewing experience.

So as I now prepare this Thursday afternoon to watch the season 3 finale later tonight, I feel great expectation, and sadness. My Thursdays will not be the same for a very, very long time, possibly as long as 9 months!

I am preparing for watching this episode as though it were my last.


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