Doctor’s clinic in ruined black & white

February 2, 2009

This was a return to a place upon first leaving I thought to myself, “this was a fell place.  I do not wish to return, ever.”  Yet one year later I returned to the abandoned mining town in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  The lure this time was a previously overlooked doctor’s clinic that held rumors of such oddities as  a “preserved brain” in a jar and decaying surgical instruments.  All the rumors, it turned out, were true.

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Niigata Russian Village Haikyo Urban Exploring!

September 26, 2008

This haikyo trip to a Russian Village tucked away up in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, was my first ever overnight stay in a haikyo (urban exploring), and also my first ever time to stay overnight in a hotel–without paying!  Me, UK Mike, the Can, and Scott took an X-trail up to Niigata (piloted by yours truly).  It was Scott’s first ever haikyo experience.  I think this haikyo trip, though, produced a number of firsts for all of us, like getting busted by the 5-O, cooking with an open flame in a hotel room, riding mammoths, and spending quality time in a church on a Saturday night.

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Gunma Japan Haikyo Urban Exploring!

August 1, 2008

I went on my first ever haikyo, or urban exploring as it’s called outside of Japan, with the Mikes in January 2008.  We rented a Nissan X-trail, which was a pleasure to drive by the way, and headed up deep into Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  Snow was everywhere and we were all very excited to be out of Tokyo and on our first adventure in a long time.  We went out seeking an abandoned theme park, volcano museum and schoolhouse.  We found them all, with varying degrees of difficulty. [Read more]